Trademark Search Report

Over the past several years, our base of regular clients in the trademark area has broadened. Trademark attorneys providing legal support on the registration, use and exploitation of new and existing trademarks understand that it is wise to conduct a thorough search of various databases to ensure that a client’s trademark is not infringing on someone else's mark, before filing a trademark application. Even if a mark similar to the client’s proposed mark is not registered with the trademark office, if it has been in use for some time, it can enjoy certain common law protection. A trademark search is a valuable tool in evaluating the strength of a mark before investing in application fees for registration. The AccuMark® Trademark Search Report is thorough, comprehensive, and professional. Among the areas we research or otherwise utilize are major private and state/federal government trademark databases worldwide, private and government copyright records worldwide, major news publications, company directories, domain registrations, user-generated content, various proprietary databases, and the best search engines.

The best value of an AccuMark® Trademark Search Report is in its precision, comprehensive coverage, and reliability. However, in a time of increasingly tight budgets and schedules, AccuMark® also is the industry leader in recognizing that cost and turnaround time are important too. With a competitive pricing scale and with our overnight turnaround time, an AccuMark® Trademark Search Report is a better value in every respect. For another example, while other major providers charge hundreds of dollars extra for "24-hour" service, our overnight service is provided at no extra charge.

AccuMark® search results and reports are comprehensive without being superfluous. Unlike other providers, who often are not supervised by recognized trademark lawyers, we rely on the expertise of veteran US and UK trademark attorneys who founded AccuMark®, devised the AccuMark® reports, and have trained the AccuMark® legal professionals who conduct the searches and prepare the reports. Also, unlike some other providers, we do not pad our reports with information from irrelevant searches in obscure and unessential fields. Instead, our intentions, work, and results are based exclusively on the needs of clients.

Additionally, we are able to tailor our reports to meet our clients' needs. For example, with specific reports, we can perform searches within limited geographic regions, bringing down the cost of the reports while at the same time eliminating information that is useless to clients.

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Please visit our contact page to place an order for an AccuMark® Trademark Search Report. Please include the name of your company, the exact mark and a description of the goods and/or services associated with the mark. We will contact you via email or phone with a quote based on your requirements.